#W O R L D    O F   O P P O R T U N I T I E S


"América Solidaria" is a non-profit organization that works across latin America helping poverty-stricken kids, with different projects focused on education, health, and familiar economic development.

In "América Solidaria" we seek to overcome Child Poverty in the Americas developing projects of Health, Education and Family Economic Development, led by professional volunteers. The work of these professionals engaged with the communities seeks to look for a change, transforming relationships and generating continental justice.



"A world of opportunities", is the conceptual approach for this idea of great capacity and adaptation to different markets, designed from the essence of the work of "América Solidaria".

This interesting project came to light after months of intense work, resulting in three testimonial videos, print ads and a website about three volunteers working in specific projects. The three Spots pieces were filmed in three different countries; Chile, Colombia & Perú