Case Study 




A fetal heartbeat receiver that connects to a megaphone and gives voice to those who do not have it, in order to be able to manifest. With this we were able to amplify the voice of the heart, so that it can be heard even by those who are in favor of abortion. A coherent way to ask respect for life and to reject violence using the voice of the victims, transforming this march into the perfect argument. Because the heart has a voice and we just have to learn to listen to it.

Hundreds of people joined to give a wake-upcall 
on society and authorities to listen to the voice from the heart, setting aside ideologies, labels, and trenches; reconnecting with the essence of what this issue is about: the vulnerability of mother and child in an adverse situation. The initiative that began in Santiago, has expanded throughout the world, becoming the most seen and shared pro-life demonstration of history.

The video of the protest has moved the network not only achieving thousands of positive reactions and an organic reach that surpasses 45million
people, but foundations of Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, USA, Poland and Australia who want to replicate the march.